Fitted Wardrobes In Sidcup

At Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd, our factory in Bromley, Kent, is where we produces our fitted wardrobes. To ensure that all parts are machined to the greatest standard and that your wardrobes are flawlessly completed, we only utilise the best materials.

We will visit your home to measure the area where the wardrobes are to be placed and to collect the information necessary for creating the interior design and layout you need. We will build tailor made wardrobes for you based on the information received. In nothing we manufacture, do we employ conventional sized or pre-made doors or carcasses. Everything is always made to order.

The doors, infills, cornice, plinths, and end panels of each wardrobe are available in primer that is ready for painting or can be spray painted in any colour of your choice in our workshop. The interiors of the cabinets are made of high quality Melamine MDF boards with a variety of possibilities. If you indicate that you would prefer it, we can also use wood veneered MDF boards. If you elect to have the external portions delivered in primer so that you might paint them separately, this means that you won’t have to deal with painting the inside because the boards used are already finished.