Slab Door Fitted Wardrobes

Here at Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd we make all our doors bespoke. If you are looking to take the minimalist approach with your fitted wardrobes then you have come to the right place, spray paint finished slab doors are the perfect door for you.

What Is A Slab Door

A Slab door is a flat panel style door which is used to create a modern look in any bedroom.

How Your Slab Doors Will Open And Close

There are two ways your wardrobe doors can open. You can either pull them open by use of a handle, or you can push them to open. when you go with the normal pull to open doors, they are fitted with soft close hinges so that the doors will automatically soft shut the rest of the way ones you give them the push for them to shut. The push to open doors work differently and are fitted with a different type of hinge and have push to open mechanisms fitted to the wardrobe to make it work.

Slab Doors Cost

The cost of Slab doors is typically less expensive than the shaker style doors. This is because there is a lot less work involved in the making process of them. But they are still a beautiful option and in the right design can look just as good.

Slab Doors Design

As mentioned previously, Slab doors are a flat and modern design. At Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd we can produce them ready for handles of your choice to be attached to them, we can also router out a finger pull handle within the thickness of the door, and we can also attach push to open mechanisms if you wish to opt for a handleless design.

Family Business Focused On Delivering Quality Products

We are a family business with over 30 years in the trade, are main focus is delivering quality hand made furniture to our customers. We will only use the highest quality materials to produce your fitted wardrobes with slab doors ensuring you get a beautifully finished product.