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Storage is a part of our daily lives. We place our belongings in drawers and compartments for many reasons: organisation, filing, safekeeping, and even aesthetics. They keep our living spaces neat, spacious and free of clutter. Cabinet design in contemporary architecture has evolved to suit our heightened need for storage space. They are crafted to fit your lifestyle, providing both visual value and convenience.

Adhering to High Standards of Aesthetics and Quality

Since they’re crafted as containers for objects and appliances, contemporary cabinets are often characterised by sleek and minimalist designs. They transform a messy room into a tidy and capacious area that you can maximise to your liking.To meet our owndesign standards, Bespoke Kitchens and Furniture also has a comprehensive selection of wood, including maple, beech, Zebrano, American black walnut, oak, and elm. Our raw materials are of excellent quality and high grades of sustainability, making sure your storage systems are built to last.

Meet the Designers

Mario Panayi has always been passionate about designing furniture. He was fascinated by how his father would turn raw materials into spectacular furniture pieces and decided that he would continue the family’s legacy. With over thirty years in the business, Mario and his son now work closely together topreserve their love for furniture design.

Bespoke Cabinets for Your Home

We have a unique approach to every project that we are entrusted to. Once we have arranged a meeting, we will take measurements of your home and discuss possible design concepts with you. Our pricesare based on your preference of materials, thecomplexity of your design as well as fitting of the finished pieces. Whether your style is modern, traditional or a juxtaposition of both, our team is more than happy to accommodate your requirements.

All initial consultations with us are free of charge. Let us know what vision you have in mind, and we’ll help you bring that to life.

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