Shaker Door Fitted Wardrobes

The shaker door design, with its simple form, is possibly the most frequently used style for furniture doors in the world. It is timeless and works well in both classic and modern settings.

What Is A Shaker Door

shaker doors are a style of door that have a raised frame surrounding a flat centre panel, with minimal detailing or profiling. They are one of the more popular designs that people choose from us when we make them fitted wardrobes.

Different Styles Of Shaker Door Designs

One panel to five panel shaker doors are the range of options you have when choosing the right door design for your bespoke wardrobes. To get the desired look, you can either have evenly spaced centre panels or space the rails in which ever position best suits the look you are going for. If you have seen any examples of certain shaker door designs that you want us to replicate, this is something we can do. Shaker panel beading can be added for a more classic appearance. Another popular alternative is shaker doors with mirrors in place of the panels.

Bespoke Made Doors For You

At Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd we make everything completely bespoke. None of your doors will be in set sizes, they are all produced in bespoke sizes to fit your bespoke fitted wardrobes. This means you get a door that has been designed and made specially for you.

Shaker Doors Are Available For Everyone In A Selection Of Finishes

For all of our custom made doors, Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd provides a spray paint finishing service. This means that we may spray paint finish your doors to a excellent standard in any colour of your preference. Because everyone has a budget to adhere to, we can also deliver the doors at a lesser cost in their raw MDF form, ready for you to prime and paint. We can also provide them with two coats of primer already applied, leaving you with just the top coat of paint to apply.