Bespoke Wardrobes Interiors

Because everything we manufacture is bespoke, you benefit most from the interior layout because we can plan the inside around the items you want to store and the locations where you want to keep them.

Interior Board Choices

We have a range of high quality melamine MDF boards that you can select for your wardrobe interiors. If how ever you would prefer to have wood veneered mdf boards, this is also something that we can provide for you.

Soft Closing Drawers

To meet your demands, we can outfit your wardrobes with a variety of soft close drawer sets. Additionally, we can create jewellery drawers with a felt lined base. The same board type that you select for your wardrobes will be used to make all of the drawers, ensuring that everything matches.

Clothes Hanging

Clothes hanging rail can be fitted into your wardrobes as double hanging, single hanging with drawer packs below or shelving below. And also, long hanging options are available for your long dresses and coats. If your wardrobes are really tall we can also fit them out with the pull down clothes hanging rails to make it simpler to reach the hanging items in your tall wardrobes.

Pull Out Shoe Drawers And Shoe Shelves

There are two major strategies to organise your wardrobe if you have a lot of shoes. We can either equip them with movable shoe shelves so that you may change the spaces between the shelves to fit the shoes you possess. The alternative is to have pull out shoe drawers, which makes it simpler to reach shoes when there are several rows extending into the depth of the wardrobe.

Lighting In The Wardrobe

You can also upgrade your wardrobes with LED strip lighting. These will function in conjunction with door sensors, turning on when the door is opened and off when the door is closed.