Slab Door Fitted Wardrobes In Sidcup

All of our doors are made to order at Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re trying to go minimalist with your fitted wardrobes, slab doors with spray paint finishes are ideal for you.

How Do Slab Doors Look

Slab doors are comprised of one panel and have a straightforward design. Its design is uncomplicated, flat, and unfussy. When spray paint is applied properly, it looks gorgeous.

How Will Your Slab Doors Function

Your wardrobe doors can be opened in one of two ways. They can be opened by pushing them open or by using a handle to pull them open. The doors are equipped with soft close hinges when you pull them open normally, which causes them to softly close the remaining distance after you push them shut. The push-to-open doors operate differently, have a unique type of hinge, and require push-to-open mechanisms to be installed in the wardrobe in order to function.

Low Cost Slab Doors

When comparing all the numerous kinds of bespoke doors available, slab doors are typically the more affordable option. This is as a result of the fact that creating them demands far less labour. They are still a beautiful alternative, though, and can look just as great with the right model.

Slab Door Ideas For Your Thoughts

Slab doors, as previously noted, have a flat, modern design. Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd will customize them with the handles of your choice. If you want a handleless appearance, we can machine a finger pull handle into the door and install push to open hardware.

A Family Business That Offers The highest Quality Products

Our main goal as a family run company with more than 30 years of experience in the field is to provide our customers with superior handcrafted furniture. Your fitted wardrobes with slab doors will be made using only top-notch materials, ensuring a professionally finished product.