Slab Door Fitted Wardrobes In Sevenoaks

All of the doors we manufacture at Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd are made to order. You’ve come to the correct place if you want to use a minimalist design for your fitted wardrobes, slab doors with a spray paint finish are the best option.

What Precisely Are Slab Doors

A slab door is a simple design consisting of one panel. Its design is minimal, flat, and uncomplicated. When spray coating is applied correctly, it’s beautiful.

The Manner In Which Your Slab Doors Will Open And Close

Your wardrobe doors can open in two ways. You may open them by either pulling on a handle or pushing on them. When you use the standard pull to open doors, they are equipped with soft close hinges, which allow the doors to soft close the remainder of the way once you give them the push to close. The push-to-open doors function differently, with a different type of hinge and push-to-open mechanisms mounted on the wardrobe to make it operate.

Budget Friendly Slab Doors

Slab doors are typically the most economical option when comparing all the numerous bespoke door types available. Because they require a lot less labour to produce, this is the case. They are still a beautiful option, though, and with the right design, they may look just as amazing.

Designs Of Slab Doors For Your Thoughts

Slab doors have a flat, contemporary appearance. They can have the handles of your choice, or we can machine out a finger pull handle that is integrated into the door. If you wish to have no handles on the doors, we can fix push to open mechanisms to the doors for a handleless design.

Quality Products From A Family Owned Organization

With more than thirty years of experience in the field, we are a family owned organization whose key objective is to provide our customers with well crafted furniture. When building your fitted wardrobes with slab doors, we will only utilise premium materials to guarantee a professionally finished product.