Shaker Door Fitted Wardrobes In Keston

The shaker door design, which is arguably the most common for furniture doors worldwide, is ageless and compliments both traditional and modern homes because because of its straightforward profile.

What Is A Shaker Door

Shaker doors are a type of door with a raised frame enclosing a flat central panel. When we construct fitted wardrobes for customers, they are one of the more common designs that they request from us.

Different Shaker Door Designs

There are many different styles of shaker doors that you can have on your fitted wardrobes from one panel shaker doors all way up to five panel shaker doors. You can have evenly spaced centre panels or you can choose to space the rails in whatever position you like to create a desired look. With the two panel shaker doors you can have a smaller space at the bottom panel so the rail falls where the handle is a comfortable height and then the top panel is a larger panel. You can also have beading in the shaker panels as well if this is a style you are looking to have. Mirrored shaker doors are also another popular option where the mirrors are placed where the panels are.

Customized Doors For You

Everything is fully customised at Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd. All of your doors will be made exclusively to fit your custom fitted wardrobes, therefore none of them will be in ready made standard sizes. As a result, you receive a door that was specifically created for you.

Shaker Doors Are Available In A Range Of Finishes

We can accommodate all budgets, if you wish to save money, we may supply and install your shaker doors in MR MDF for you to prime and paint yourself. We may also supply them with two coats of primer already applied, ready for you to apply your top coat of paint. We also provide a spray finish service, where we can spray paint finish them in a colour of your choice at our workshop and deliver them to you ready to install.