Shaker Door Fitted Wardrobes In Chislehurst

The shaker door design is perhaps the most common style for furniture doors worldwide. With its straightforward appearance, it complements both traditional and modern interiors.

Shaker Door Definition

Shaker doors are a type of door that feature a flat centre panel and a raised frame around it with little to no decoration or profiling. They are among the more common designs that customers select when we create fitted wardrobes for them.

Shaker Door Designs In Many Styles

Shaker doors come in a variety of styles ranging from one panel to five panel shaker doors for your fitted wardrobes. You can have uniformly spaced centre panels or space the rails in whatever location you choose to achieve the desired aesthetic. With the two-panel shaker doors, you can have a smaller gap at the bottom panel so that the rail falls at a suitable height for the handle. If you want a more traditional look, you can put beading in the shaker panels. Mirrored shaker doors are another common option, with mirrors replacing the panels.

Customized Doors For You

Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd creates everything from scratch. None of your doors will be standard sizes, instead, they will be made to fit your custom-made fitted wardrobes. This means you’ll get a door that was custom-made for you.

Shaker Doors Supplied To You In A Range Of Finishes

Every budget is catered to, if you wish to save some money, we will provide and install your shaker doors in MR MDF so that you may prime and paint them yourself. Or we can provide them with two coats of primer, then you can apply your top coat of paint right away.  Additionally, we provide a spray finishing service, whereby we may spray paint finish them in the colour of your choice at our workshop and deliver them to you fully finished for installation.