Bespoke Loft Wardrobes In Beckenham

Fitted Loft Furniture is a specialty of Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd. It’s a wonderful idea to add useful storage space and utilise these frequently neglected spaces in the house. Many individuals who convert attics into lofts decide that the storage area in the eaves is too limited, so they block it off to make the loft space more rectangular and simpler to furnish. Fill the space between your sloping ceilings with a stunning, custom-made wardrobe that extends from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. By converting unused eaves space into fitted wardrobes, you may enjoy all the advantages of a room with a regular layout while utilising the eaves’ space with custom-made fitted furniture that can be built to accommodate any shape.

We Can Help With Your Difficult Room Space

We are masters at utilising problematic areas in homes thanks to our more than 30 years of designing and building loft wardrobes. Low or high ceilings, sloping ceilings, uneven walls, and extra-deep eaves storage are all examples. In order to maximise your storage needs, we will be pleased to help you develop the finest available solutions for your area.

Tailored To Your Taste

You can choose from a wide variety of loft wardrobe designs. You can choose from shaker doors, mirrored doors, slab doors, or no doors at all for an open-style storage loft wardrobe.

Possibilities For Endless Storage

Many various storage alternatives can be implemented into your bespoke loft wardrobes to fit with your problematic area in your home. Open shelves, soft close drawers, shoe shelf, pull out shoe drawers, and clothes hanging rails are all options. We can do them all and place them precisely where you want them.