Bespoke Shelving Units In Bromley, London

Sometimes, the beauty of a home is not about how expensive your furniture is, but how well-crafted and strategically they are placed. With the right kind of furniture supplier, you can transform your home into something extraordinary.

With Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd, you can add more than a touch of sophistication and artistry in your home. We provide a vast array of bespoke, expertly crafted shelving units in the UK. Master craftsman Mario Panayiotou creates fine pieces of furniture that will complement your home and fill any space.

We understand the needs of the modern homeowner and tailor our solutions accordingly, no matter how odd or unique the space is. We have a team of experienced builders and carpenters on hand that will help you customise your shelves according to your preference. If you have lots of items of irregular shapes and sizes in your home, we can provide a bespoke shelving unit that can accommodate them.

Most importantly, quality is our number one priority. We design our shelving units with sturdiness and stability in mind. They can hold a large number of items without incurring damage, and they are durable enough that you need not worry about replacing them.

A Personalised Service

We involve our clients in all stages of the process. Our team is equipped with the necessary expertise to craft all types of shelves. We only use the finest quality materials, including American black walnut, beech, maple, oak, elm and Zebrano. This means we are ready to accommodate any preference you may have. Let us know, and we’ll design a shelf that fits your needs perfectly.

An Overview Of Our Bespoke Shelving Units

There are few places where you’ll be able to obtain durable, cost-effective and top-of-the-line shelving units like the ones from Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd. Our shelves are designed to fit perfectly into a wide variety of homes. Here are some of our products:

Should you need any more information regarding our units, you can take a look at our portfolio.