Bespoke Fitted Home Office Furniture In Keston

You can rely on Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd to design, manufacture, and install your custom fitted home office furniture. No matter how big or little the space, we can work with it to design a home office space for you that meets all of your expectations in terms of functionality and appearance.

We have a solution for every component of a home office, whether you merely need a stand alone desk with a few drawers or a full office space renovation with workstation seating area, cabinets with doors, soft close drawers/filing drawers, and shelving storage units that fit on top.

By choosing from a range of different material options for the finish, we may build something to suit everyone’s tastes and financial constraints. It can be built out of MDF and installed for the customer to paint it, or it can be finished in our workshop using spray paint and given to the client already painted. We can also make office furniture out of wood veneer if the client requests it.