Bespoke Fitted Bookcases In Keston

Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd builds bookcases to order. Every bookcase job we take on is special, they can be built and installed in MDF for the customer to finish, or we can prime them twice so the customer only needs to apply their final top coat. As an alternative, we can construct and install bookcases that have been spray paint finished in our workshop in any colour the customer chooses. We may also provide bookcases in wood veneer. This implies that there are countless options and that we can satisfy everyone’s preferences. For your home, we can create the perfect fitted bookcase with fixed or adjustable shelves, modern or traditional styling, painted or wooden designs.

Making sure a bookshelf can bear the weight of your books is the most crucial aspect of its work. We only use the finest materials to construct our bookcases, and we take special care to guarantee that the shelves we use for them are strong enough to support heavy loads of books without sagging.