Bespoke Fitted Alcove Wardrobes In Petts Wood

To make advantage of unused space, install alcove wardrobes. Here at Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd. we create custom fitted wardrobes for your alcoves and install them. Our custom-fitted alcove wardrobes fit neatly into a recessed area in the wall of your bedroom because we can manufacture them to match whatever size alcoves you have at home. This allows us to use every square inch of available space.

Alcove Wardrobes, The Interior Layout

Where choosing the bespoke option will truly help you is with your alcove wardrobes’ interior design. You can request any interior design because we can accommodate any needs you may have. Including custom shelving designs, pull-out shoe racks, double hangers, pull-down rails for clothing, and drawer packs with soft-close drawers. Everything is within our power to accomplish.

Wardrobe Design

You can choose from a variety of alcove wardrobe designs, from fully built-in models that reach the ceiling to those that stop just below the ceiling and have a cornice on top. doors that are shaker or flat. We are capable of completing them all. To give the wardrobes a proportional appearance, we prefer to have our end panels the same thickness as the side infills rather than having a thin panel for the end panel, where most people merely plant a board. Your custom wardrobes’ overall finished appearance is greatly affected by these minor details.

Best In Class Components

All of our projects are completed using only the best materials. If you require any assistance in selecting the finest solutions for your preferred design for your custom alcove wardrobes, please let us know.

Business Owned By Family

We are a family run firm with more than 30 years of expertise in the bespoke fitted furniture manufacturing industry. We are recognized for our dedication to detail and outstanding workmanship. The best custom made fitted furniture is what we take great pride in manufacturing.