Add Storage And Style With Fitted Wardrobes In London

With bespoke built-in wardrobes, you can make the most of every inch of space in your room — and you can do it in style. Our team of craftsmen is ready to help you get a luxurious space to store your clothes and more.

Specially Created To Fit More

Unlike freestanding wardrobes that come in set sizes, built-in wardrobes are designed to match the exact contours of your bedroom. They can extend from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, giving you more space than ordinary wardrobe cabinets.

As one of the trusted furniture artisans in the UK, we create bespoke built-in wardrobes for your home. We work with you to ensure the design includes details that will make your everyday life a breeze. With a high level of craftsmanship, our team brings your design to life, maximising every inch of your room.

Top Quality Materials

For a sense of harmony, wardrobes often have the same materials or finish as the rest of the room. But, should you have other ideas for your custom-made, built-in wardrobe, let us know. If you need help with choosing the material or finish, our team is here to guide you.  We use top-standard, sustainably sourced materials, we handpick materials that are a perfect match for the style, features and other elements you want for your wardrobe.

Craftsmanship At Its Finest

With over 30 years in the business, our team is known for unparalleled craftsmanship. We build and perfect each part of a built-in wardrobe by hand, making sure it is done with precision and care. Our master craftsman, Mario Panayiotou, has inherited his father’s passion for furniture design. Count on him and the rest of our team to add storage and style to your bedroom with a picture-perfect built-in wardrobe.

Seamless Service Process

Our process is as seamless as modern open floor plans. We will designate a single point of contact who will guide you throughout the project, from design consultation to on-site fitting.

See Our Portfolio Today

We’ve worked with hundreds of built-in wardrobes. Check out our portfolio of previous projects to see samples of our craftsmanship — and take design inspirations from them.