Bespoke Bedframes In Bromley, London

Ever had to suffer through countless sleepless nights from discomfort? The problem may lie in the quality of your bed frame. Believe it or not, your bed frame can be the difference between a cosy good night’s sleep and a waking nightmare. Your bed frame should be sturdy enough to support you and your mattress while keeping its shape. It also has to complement the size of your body. A bed frame that is too small will give you serious cramps and body pains.

Sleep is a time of recovery and rejuvenation for your body, so choose the right bed frame. Fortunately, Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd has a wide variety of bespoke bed frames in the UK. Led by our owner and master craftsman Mario Panayiotou, our bed frames are the product of decades of experience and a firm dedication to quality above all. We combine artistry, sophistication and functionality to craft home furniture solutions that will serve your needs while brightening up your home.

Our decades of experience in the business have given us a firm understanding of the average homeowner’s needs. Given how vital a good night’s rest is for enduring the daily grind, we take special care to maintain a high standard of quality for our bed frames. We provide solutions for every type of home because we believe that everyone deserves a peaceful sleep.

Quality is the name of the game at Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd. Our long years in the business have allowed us to hone and refine our craft. We continue to strive for excellence in our products and our customer service. Our bed frames are sourced from high-grade materials, including American black walnut, beech, maple, oak, elm and Zebrano, among others.

A Personal Touch For Every Home

We understand the desire to customise your furniture to give your home a personal touch. The best bed frame is the one that suits your body type and your surroundings. This is why we give you a range of customisation options to make sure that your bed frame is perfect on the first try. Not only do you reduce potential repairs and modification costs, but you can finally sleep comfortably in a well-suited bed frame.

An Overview Of Our Bespoke Bed Frames

We have bed frames suited to all types of homes and living situations. Have a look at some of our samples and start your furniture journey with us.

Should you need any more information regarding our units, you can take a look at our portfolio.