Bespoke Alcove Cabinets With Floating Shelves/Built In Shelving Units Above In Keston

Alcoves are difficult to furnish and frequently go underused. Why not choose Made To Measure Woodwork Ltd to construct bespoke fitted alcove cabinets for you? They can be used as cabinets on their own or in combination with built in fitted shelving units above or floating shelves. Every project is custom made in our factory, so we can meet any special storage demands you may have.

To suit everyone’s tastes, we provide a wide variety of design alternatives for you to select from. Flat doors or shaker doors with optional additional beading for the shaker doors are two options you have. Worktops come in two different styles: plain ones with flat edges or ones with custom made moulding edges. Additionally, if you have a design example that you would want us to copy, we can do it for you as well.

For every budget, we offer options. All of our cabinet interiors are made of oak melamine boards, and we provide the customer the choice of having the outer components, such as the doors, worktops, infills, floating shelves, and built in shelving units, in raw MDF for painting or having them primed twice so they can paint finish coat right away. Alternatively, we can spray-paint it at our workshop and have it ready to go when you need it. The benefit of this is that, should you want to paint it yourself, you won’t have to worry about painting the odd interiors because the boards used to build them are already finished.

Please see our portfolio of alcove cabinet & shelving jobs below.